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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s Traffic Engineering Center-Road Safety Unit reported that, as of 2018, the occurrence of vehicular accidents (116,906) almost doubled since 2007’s 63,072. The most common cause is human error, responsible for an average of 8.5 in every 10 accidents. The secondary causes are mechanical issues and/or vehicle defects. These statistics are an evident call for a more comprehensive public education and awareness of road safety and regulations., the first online destination, platform, and gateway for all things automotive, and Bridgestone Philippines, the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, have teamed up to promote  safer roads for everyone in the country.

As a leader in tire manufacturing, Bridgestone is sharing its knowledge and expertise on tires. In-house mechanics of, who are already TESDA-certified personnel, will receive additional training and certification by Bridgestone, ensuring that they meet world standards for tire safety and knowledge. The newly formed partnership kicks off with a guarantee from Bridgestone, to provide high-quality service for all, and any kind, of tire assistance which users might need. and Bridgestone have also committed to spread awareness and knowledge on road safety by becoming sources of the right information. Through the Bridgestone website, blog, and their respective social media sites, accurate instructions and tips on road safety and regulations can be found, offering a trustworthy source of information, for car owners and drivers.

Separately, each company is taking steps to further a commitment to create a safer road experience. Bridgestone plans to learn more about road safety by attending the European Chamber of Commerce’s Safer Mobility and Logistics Conference and Exhibition from September 24 to 25, while continues to on-board more groups to join and support the road safety cause; another partner will soon be revealed within the year.

Both companies believe that public road safety is a shared responsibility, and it affects everyone. It should therefore be, everyone’s advocacy — especially car owners and drivers.

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