Lawmaker suggests EDSA ‘road tunnel’ along SMC’s elevated expressway

In order to resolve the worsening traffic situation along EDSA, a lawmaker has suggested to construct a Kuala Lumpur-like “road tunnel” on top of the proposal of San Miguel Corporation’s 10-lane elevated expressway.

In a statement, Pasig Rep. Roman Romulo urged the Department of Public Works and Highways to conduct a feasibility study of constructing an infrastructure project that is patterned after Kuala Lumpur’s dual-purpose channel called SMART.

SMART or Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel, is Kuala Lumpur’s four-kilometer motorway that also works as a 9.7-kilometer flood control system during the rainy season. 

“Since we can no longer widen EDSA, the only options left are to put up an elevated road above and alongside the Metro Rail Transit 3, as proposed by SMC, and/or build a new motorway below EDSA,” Romulo suggested.

The four-lane, double-deck infrastructure of Kuala Lumpur functions as a road for light vehicles when there is no rain. 

The US$515-million tunnel serves two functions during the rainy season. When there is light rain, some floodwater could be diverted into the lower bypass channel while the upper section could still be utilized as a motorway as both sections of the tunnel would be closed during heavy rains. 

When the flood subsides, the tunnel will be cleaned via pressure-washing and would eventually be opened to motorists after 48 hours.

“A Malaysian-type SMART underneath EDSA is another option that might help solve the horrendous vehicular congestion on EDSA,” he added.

The SMC has proposed to build an elevated expressway towering above the traffic-congested EDSA in a bid to ease the traffic situation. 

However, a transport economist warned that the proposed elevated steel expressway over EDSA could unintentionally worsen the problem instead of resolving it. – With Delon Porcalla/STAR

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