Parking to the max with EZ Double Stackers

Aside from the horrendous traffic jams that we encounter on a daily basis, parking is more often overlooked as a serious problem for motorists. The nightmare of having your car towed or clamped for illegal parking is a nightmare and a costly proposition. Finding space for your car or cars is also a problem facing collectors, who cringe at the thought of having their automotive collection exposed to the elements like flash floods, vandals, and even theft.

A solution is at hand thanks in part to industry pioneer Emicor. The EZ Double Stackers allows house and building owners to maximize their real estate while securing their sedans, mid-size to full size SUVs at a push of a button. This parking innovation is widely used in highly progressive countries such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and in Europe.

The EZ Park Double Stackers Parking has a lifting capacity of 2.3 to 3.6 tons and has a manual lock release; hydraulic overload protection, automatic shut off once operator release key switch; a photocell sensor to detect cars under vehicle platform to automatically stop the equipment from operating and can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. This parking technology is perfect for single houses, buildings, commercial areas, hotels, car dealerships, and downtime offices which have no parking space. 

EZ Park Double Stackers are the choice of building operators and hospitals such as Makati Medical Center, and car dealers such as Honda Cars Makati and some private car collectors who require parking spaces for their prized collections. Emicor is also the accredited supplier for service bay lifts of dealers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Isuzu, and Customers Cradle.

EZ Park Double Stackers Parking will only require minimal space equivalent to two parking slots or 32 square meters. Ingress and egress is not a problem due to an optional electric turntable that can be installed in five days — which includes machine calibration, testing and personnel operation training. Smart Parking is a technology in use in countries like Japan, Singapore, the United States, Korea and Europe for years now. The smallest unit can hold six sedans with a maximum of 16 sedans.

Other advantages of Smart Parking include maximizing limited space, security against theft, safety because the structure can withstand a Magnitude-8 earthquake and 250kph winds, quick installation in a matter of days, and environment friendliness.

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