Mober is SM Appliance Center delivery partner anew

SM Appliance Center, the country’s largest appliance store chain, renews its partnership with the Philippines’ first on-demand logistics platform Mober, as the demand for same-day deliveries has surged in Metro Manila and other key locations ahead of the Christmas holidays.

“We’ve seen customer satisfaction rise ever since we made Mober’s same-day delivery service available for our clients,” said Chito Mendoza, SM Appliance Center VP for operations. “From our experience, it’s been especially helpful for busy professionals and young families.”

SM Appliance and Mober first launched the same-day delivery service to customers in December 2016. As of year-to-date, seven out of 10 of SM Appliance customers now avail of Mober’s same-day deliveries. Previously, customers would have to wait from 36 to 72 hours from time of purchase for their item to be delivered. But with Mober’s service, the waiting time has been cut to less than 24 hours, with the purchased appliance delivered at a specific time.

As of October 2019, Mober’s on-demand logistics service was already available in 41 SM Appliance branches in the National Capital Region, with locations in urban provinces like Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Legazpi, and even Cebu.  

“Mober’s regular update on delivery times has also helped our customers to better plan their day ahead. For the longest time, customers were set to wait the entire day at their homes. With Mober, they are assured the item is delivered at a specific hour,” Mendoza said. 

On top of the increase in customer satisfaction, Mendoza said the partnership with Mober has also allowed SM Appliance to optimize its in-house logistics operations. The same-day delivery platform uses an intelligent online consolidation system that allows its partner drivers to fulfill deliveries at maximum capacity. 

For SM Appliance, this means its single deliveries to customers are now left in Mober’s hands. In turn, its warehouse logistics now have more time to distribute inventories to its network of stores, driving up the overall efficiency of the company. 

Mober has also cut the prices of same-day delivery services for SM Appliance customers during the holiday season. 

Minimum delivery fees now start at P450, for deliveries within a five-kilometer radius from an SM Appliance branch. For locations beyond the minimum, but below the 10 kilometer-radius, fees begin at P650. For those that surpass the 10-kilometer radius but are still within Metro Manila, fees start at P750.

Previously, vans were booked on behalf of customers using Mober’s On-Demand mobile app. Now, the new scheme also sees SM Appliance staff arranging the deliveries through their own Mober Enterprise web application, which provides a seamless shopping-delivery experience.  Like buying seats at a movie theater, customers can book same-day deliveries at SM Appliance’s Claiming counter.

“With this new scheme, we hope to extend the security, comfort and convenience of on-demand same-day deliveries to even more customers this Christmas season and beyond,” Mendoza added. 

“Mober sees same-day deliveries becoming the industry standard in the next few years, as far as customer demands are concerned. We embrace this challenge even now,” said Mober CEO Dennis Ng. 

Ng founded Mober in 2015 as the first Filipino on-demand logistics platform. Today, it is the leader in on-demand same-day deliveries especially for high-value and special care delivery items including appliances, furniture, and restaurant inventory.

Earlier this year, Mober launched its Driverpreneur program, an initiative that aims to empower its driver-partners by turning them into entrepreneurs. 

“Our advantage is that we know the Philippine terrain, we can truly localize our approaches. Mober welcomes SM Appliance  in making same-day deliveries a seamless innovation in the latter’s shopping experience. From big established chain stores like SM Appliance to small entrepreneurs, we join every entrepreneur’s quest to future-proof their businesses by setting same-day deliveries as the new standard for their logistical needs,” said Ng. 

For more information on Mober Enterprise’s logistics services for business, e-mail [email protected] or call 09171093333.

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