Loud and Proud: What It Means To Live The Ranger Life

Let the world know about your Ford Ranger story

There’s no question that the Ford Ranger can take you anywhere. Its duality between comfort and robustness can get you from point A to B, in and out of the city, on both paved and roads less traveled. Add to that the wide selection of Ranger pick-ups and you’ll surely find one that suits your needs, interests, and lifestyle.

We know that the Ford Ranger is an all-around truck – it can be your daily ride, hauler in your business, your family car, and even your go-to vehicle in out-of-town trips. But beyond its functionality and versatility, the Ford Ranger has been a reliable and dependable life partner, empowering its growing customer base to Live the Ranger Life.

Live the Ranger Life celebrates the many ways that the renowned strength and capabilities of the Ranger reflects and support its customers’ personal goals and drive in life, and is expressed in five (5) guiding values:

Up and over

There’s no challenge we don’t tackle head on. When we see a mountain range we want to go over, not around. This is true of our truck, users, Ford and partners.

Wheels.ph’s take: Challenges are constant in our lives. It’s up to us whether we deal with it head-on or side-step away from it that puts us away from our target. The Ford Ranger won’t back down from any terrain or mountain pass, and so should you from the obstacles you face.

Can’t help but help

We are doers. We pitch in. When people need help or assistance we’re always there. On the building site, helping friends or loved ones, or our dealers within their local communities.

Wheels.ph’s take: We never hesitate to help, even if it may seem trivial. The Ford Ranger can assist other cars, help others move to a new home, deliver relief goods, or go through floods to fetch our friends and family. If someone asks for help and we can lend a hand, we just do it.

Where there isn’t a path, carve one

We are the truck that redefined the category. We don’t wait for others to lead. We have a vision and objective and we’re fearless in what we need to do to achieve our goals.

Wheels.ph’s take: The Ford Ranger’s capabilities extend beyond unpaved roads. It’s never afraid of going through dirt if that’s the fastest or only way to our destination. Same with our decisions, we must not be afraid of taking the unpopular path just because no one has tried it yet.

Bring others along the journey

It’s great to work hard and achieve recognition, but even better to share it with those who mean the most – our family and friends.

Wheels.ph’s take: Even the worst traffic in EDSA will be negligible if you have your friends with you. Getting to your destination will become secondary compared to the stories you’ll share with them. It’s the same with your goals – they are meant to be shared with friends and family who are with you along the way.

We make our own fun

There’s no such thing as all work and no play. And when it’s time to play, we know how to make the most of those opportunities. Our truck is awesome and fun to drive.

Wheels.ph’s take: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, but that doesn’t mean we have to go out of our way to have fun. We can look for our own leisure during work, like how the Ford Ranger can make any parking lot a picnic ground, or any quiet road a backdrop for stargazing.

If you’re a proud Ford Ranger owner and you bring to life either one or all of the Live the Ranger Life values, we encourage you to share your story and be an inspiration to others. You can check out the Ford Ranger video posted on our Facebook page, and in the comments section, upload a photo with your Ford Ranger and tell us how you Live the Ranger Life – whether for work, family, play, or a combination of all. Don’t forget to include our hashtags #LiveTheRangerLife #FordRangerPH.

We will select 50 entries who will take home exclusive Ford Ranger merchandise, while the 5 best Live the Ranger Life stories will be featured on Wheels.ph.

What are you waiting for? Show that you’re a proud owner of a Ford Ranger and let the world know about it.

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