Ford’s next-gen Ranger is hiding in plain sight

Keep your eyes peeled – day or night – as the next-generation Ford Ranger could be in a neighborhood near you.

As part of Ford’s ongoing global testing program, the new pickup is taking to the road to ensure it is just right for customers, and it’s dressed up for the occasion.

The designer of the Ranger’s unique Bronco R-inspired block-style camouflage, Lee Imrie, and his team used the science of optics to mask some of the pickup’s key visual secrets until it is unmasked later this year. And road users will be able to see this truck in action even at night thanks to its unique reflective patterns.

While Ford is not trying to hide the fact that this is the #NextGenRanger thanks to the hashtag and QR code built into the pattern, it doesn’t want to fully reveal the final design just yet.

Customers can sign up for exclusive updates by visiting the Ford Philippines website via this link.

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