Honda Cars PH welcomes new president, Rie Miyake

Masahiko Nakamura is stepping down as the President of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc (HCPI) after 3 years at the helm. The man had an extra-challenging tenure in the country as he navigated HCPI through the pandemic that led to the shut down of the Honda plant in Laguna. The other side of this is during his time he brought in 7 cars (one of which is the 6th gen Civic Type-R), opened 6 dealerships, and made Honda Sensing more prominent across the local lineup. He will now assume a new post in South Korea.

“The past three years have been challenging, but we also learned so many things. What I will remember more is how we all worked together and came out better than before,” said Nakamura.

Masahiko Nakamura

Replacing him is Ms. Rie Miyake who’s been with Honda for 23 years and counting. She already held different management posts in the brand’s headquarters in Japan, as well as overseeing markets in North and South America that gave her expertise in car sales, parts export, logistics, and business planning operations. Prior to her appointment in the Philippines, she was in the Export Planning Department of Honda’s global automobile business.

In my quick conversation with her after the ceremony, I learned that her interest in cars started when she was an exchange student in the USA. There was an influx of Japanese cars there at the time, Honda included, and she felt very proud that products from her home country are being patronized in a foreign land, sparking her interest to join the car industry.

Rie Miyake

She’s also the first lady president of a Japanese car brand here in the Philippines which has been male dominated in the executive positions for the longest time. But it doesn’t matter to her because she’s focused on the challenges ahead and what she can contribute to HCPI. It’s sort of a dream come true because she wanted to get out of her shell in Tokyo and try her hand in a local market.

Aside from growing on what Nakamura is leaving behind, Miyake is tasked to get the company closer towards the Honda global’s goal of carbon neutrality and safety. This involves having a 100% electrified car lineup by 2040.

“As we embark on this fresh journey, I want to assure you – the times may have changed so much, but Honda’s commitment as the power of dreams has only grown through the years. Please watch out for new technologies to be launched very soon, including e:HEV hybrid electric vehicle that doesn’t just have a hybrid emblem, it truly delivers,” said Miyake.

Somehow it would be a square one start for Miyake as she takes on the helm of HCPI. Car sales are back to pre-pandemic figures but the market is shifting towards electrified offerings. There are hybrid cars in Honda’s lineup in other countries so it would be exciting which among them would make their way here. If things go well, who knows, maybe we’ll get to see the Honda e here.

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