Porsche to unveil new Cayenne, marks 27 years in PH

Thenew, thoroughly refined Porsche Cayenne will soon debut in the country, making celebrations for the 27th anniversary of Porsche Philippines even more special. 

Porsche’s latest luxury SUV benefits from the most extensive product upgrade in the brand’s history. A success story since its global introduction in 2002, the Cayenne has consistently drawn new customers to Porsche because of its wide range of capabilities. The new Cayenne was recently unveiled to a global audience during a spectacular presentation and driving program held in Tenerife, Spain, which Porsche Philippines attended.  

In the Philippines, Porsche has been a partner of leading luxury automotive group PGA Cars since 1996. This partnership guarantees the brand an unmatched ownership experience through products, services and facilities that are in line with Porsche’s global standards and processes. So just as highly successful as the Cayenne is the longstanding alliance between PGA Cars and Porsche. 

Birth of the Cayenne

The first-generation model started off with a choice of two V8 engines. In the Cayenne S, the then-newly developed 4.5-liter engine generated 340 hp while the Cayenne Turbo managed an even more impressive 450 hp from the same displacement.

Latest version of Porsche’s luxury SUV benefits from the most extensive product upgrade in the brand’s history.

Porsche’s philosophy on the evolution of the Cayenne is “establish, sharpen, refine.” This applies to both design and technical progress. So when the second-generation Cayenne was launched in 2010, for instance, it came with a new on-demand all-wheel drive system that reduced weight and improved performance. The upgraded second-generation model came in hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, and also received an attention-grabber feature in its redesigned interior — a rising center console.

When the third-generation Cayenne came out in 2017, its range of capabilities was expanded even further. The model became sportier and more comfortable while maintaining its legendary off-road prowess,largely helped by a lightweight aluminum body shell. 

Porsche introduces a completely revised display and control concept in the new Cayenne.

One milestone for the third-generation model was the launch in 2019 of the even sportier Cayenne Coupe, distinguished by a sharply sloping roofline similar to that of the 911’s.

After its 2002 world premiere, the Cayenne immediately exceeded Porsche’s initial sales target of 25,000 deliveries per year. During the first-generation model’s eight-year run, 276,652 units were sold — or nearly 35,000 vehicles per year. In 2020, the 1,000,000th Cayenne rolled off the production line. In the first six months of 2023, Porsche also delivered 46,844 of the model across the world.

Without doubt, the flagship SUV has been a growth engine since its launch. With its upcoming local introduction, the Cayenne and Porsche Philippines are set to continue this success story further together.

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