Japan Mobility Show 2023: Toyota is about multi-tool mobility

“There are many diverse needs and values as there are people in the world,” began Toyota Motor Corporation President and CEO Koji Sato – addressing media practitioners from all over the world who had descended upon the sprawling Tokyo Big Sight, officially called the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. The country’s largest of its kind, the Big Sight has been the traditional haunt of the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), one of the most important automotive exhibitions in the world.

But this year, the TMS has been rechristened with a more appropriate moniker: Japan Mobility Show. This actually reflects the increased inclusivity of the affair. From cars, the lens has been zoomed out to mobility in general; from Tokyo, the focus is on Japan itself. Some 400 companies – 100 of which are startups – make up the mobility smorgasbord for the senses.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) President and CEO Koji Sato speaks at the opening of the Toyota booth at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo.

For Toyota participation, it leveraged its girth toward a tomorrow that boasts carbon neutrality and the expanding value of mobility.

The FT-3e is said to be a ‘next-generation BEV concept model that will enrich customers’ daily lives with new driving experiences and personalized services powered by innovative technologies.’
TMC Chairman Akio Toyoda talks to a reporter at the Toyota booth.

“The future is not decided by someone else; the future is something we all create,” continued Sato. “This is what we believe; this is why we made ‘Find Your Future’ the Toyota Booth concept. I know you will find your future among Toyota’s cars.”

The highly configurable Kayoibako EV is a ‘compact space concept’ that can have commercial or family applications.
The IMV 0, here as a Rangga Concept for the Indonesian market, is turned into a coffee truck.

The Japanese brand has always been championing what it likes to call a multi-pathway approach to carbon neutrality – maintaining that the battery electric vehicle is not the only solution to the pollution brought about by our need for mobility. After all, its leadership insists, carbon is the real enemy.

JMS visitors are given a chance to visualize the flexibility of the IMV 0 through a virtual customizer.
The JUU is an electric wheel concept ‘designed to offer the freedom to travel anywhere unassisted,’ especially places not easily accessed by electric or regular wheelchairs.
The Lexus LF-ZC is the brand’s next-generation BEV set for release in 2026.

More importantly, the world’s markets are in various states of readiness for the suddenly in-fashion full electric. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be shoe-horned into people’s lifestyles. “This is why our mission at Toyota is to meet the needs of customers around the world and continue delivering diverse mobility options,” underscored Sato. “This is the multi-pathway approach to the future that Toyota envisions.”

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