OMODA & JAECOO Officers Meet With Philippine Consulate and DTI for the Philippines’ New Energy Outlook


Last November 4th, Chery International’s General manager of East Europe & Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Jeff, led an executive delegation from OMODA and JAECOO to the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai. There, they engaged in profound discussions with PH Ambassador to China, H.E. Jaime FlorCruz, and the visiting Undersecretary of DTI from the Philippines, Dr. Ceferino S. Rodolfo. The dialogue centered on the development and future plans of OMODA and JAECOO in the Philippines. As emerging brands with core competitiveness in the automotive sector, OMODA and JAECOO are set to integrate technological innovation and global resource advantages to foster the high-quality development of the Philippines’ new energy automotive industry.

Supporting the Philippines’ Green Energy Transition: Creating Affordable Electric Vehicles for the People

Green development and win-win cooperation were the focal points of the discussion. In the Philippine transportation industry, carbon emissions account for 28% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the Philippine government is vigorously promoting the electrification of transportation and encouraging market-driven actions for electric vehicles. The strategies of OMODA and JAECOO for future-oriented technology leadership and green, low-carbon development align seamlessly with these initiatives.

During the talks, the Philippine Undersecretary of DTI, Dr. Ceferino S. Rodolfo, acknowledged the determination and actions of the OMODA and JAECOO brands in the field of new energy. He stated, “With abundant nickel and lithium resources, the Philippines holds a resource advantage for new energy vehicle brands looking to invest and establish manufacturing bases, and will provide corresponding policy support. We hope to deepen our energy advantages with OMODA and JAECOO’s expertise in automobile manufacturing, to jointly stimulate the robust growth of the new energy vehicle industry.”

General manager of East Europe & Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Jeff Liu, expressed gratitude for the recognition from the Philippine government representatives. He shared the developmental achievements of Chery International in the Philippines over the past four years and the future strategic plans of OMODA and JAECOO. Mr. Jeff emphasized, “We will actively respond to the Philippine government’s drive to modernize the automotive industry and transform green mobility. We will continue to explore the implementation of new energy technologies, empower our products with high performance and energy efficiency, adhere to the concept of technology inclusiveness, and create affordable electric vehicles for the people of the Philippines.”

It was introduced that committed to providing an ultimate service experience for more Filipino consumers, OMODA and JAECOO are set to establish subsidiaries in the Philippines and organize a localized core team. This team will encompass various business segments including brand promotion, product research, network development, and after-sales services, crafting greener, smarter, and more efficient mobility solutions for Filipino consumers.

Deepening Penetration into the Southeast Asian Market: Accelerating Globalization Efforts

With the profound exchanges of this visit by the Philippine government delegation, OMODA and JAECOO’s development in the Philippines will enter a new phase, leveraging a greater market space in the Southeast Asian region and hastening the pace of globalization.

Currently, OMODA has been launched in 15 countries and regions worldwide, including the Philippine market established last year, garnering favor among the new generation of young people globally. This year, the cumulative export sales volume has already surpassed 130,000 units. JAECOO started laying out its global marketing network from July this year and is set to land in the Philippines in 2024. It is believed that with the arrival of this new species, a fresh wave of urban off-road trends will be ushered into the Philippine market.

In the future, OMODA and JAECOO will continue to solidify their presence in the Philippine market by introducing a wide array of avant-garde smart drive and urban off-road products, with a richer product matrix to meet the travel needs of the Filipino people and promote an upgrade in automotive consumption. Additionally, OMODA and JAECOO will recruit more local talents in the Philippines, dedicated to nurturing professional talent in the automotive field and unleashing more employment opportunities.

Looking globally, relying on the Group’s more than two decades of automotive manufacturing experience and top-tier technological reserves, OMODA and JAECOO will continue to target electrification and intelligence as their developmental direction. They will focus on the comprehensive application of new energy technology, driving the brand upward with quality and reputation, and leading more global users into a fascinating new future of smart and electric mobility.

OMODA and JAECOO vehicles are slated to retail in the Philippines by early 2024.