Mitsubishi Motors Philippines TARALETS PINAS Campaign: Explore Philippines with Mitsubishi vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) presents its TARALETS PINAS campaign, a nationwide initiative celebrating the Filipino spirit of adventure and making every journey better with Mitsubishi vehicles.

The campaign is a celebration of MMPC’s 60th anniversary and its unwavering commitment to making life better for Filipinos by supporting and cultivating their passion for travel and exploration. TARALETS PINAS aims to inspire Filipinos to rediscover the hidden gems and immerse in the rich culture of the country while driving their Mitsubishi vehicles. Through the campaign, MMPC aims to provide Filipinos with the perfect vehicles and experiences to explore, discover, and create lasting memories.

In support to the campaign, MMPC launches an interactive campaign website wherein it features a wealth of information on destinations, road trip itineraries, and food trip tips. People are also encouraged to share their travel stories, experiences, and photos. The campaign is also being flaunted on MMPC’s official social media accounts. 

A commitment to making life better for Filipinos through reliable and adventurous vehicles

MMPC has a long and proud history of supporting Filipino journeys. The company’s reliable and durable vehicles have been a trusted companion for Filipinos on countless road trips and adventures across the country.

The campaign seamlessly aligns with MMPC’s tagline, “Life Made Better.” By offering Filipinos dependable and comfortable Mitsubishi vehicles packed with functional and safety features, MMPC empowers them to take on new adventures, rediscover nature’s hidden beauty, and experience the full joy of life on the road. 

With TARALETS PINAS campaign, MMPC expresses that it goes beyond simply selling cars. It’s about creating a community of Mitsubishi owners who share a passion for exploration, discovery, and making the most of life’s journeys. By featuring different provinces and its culture and engaging online activities, MMPC wants to cultivate a vibrant community where Filipinos can connect, share their experiences, and get the most out of their Mitsubishi vehicles.

Inviting Filipinos to join the adventure

The TARALETS PINAS campaign will feature the following provinces in the coming weeks – Bacolod, Guimaras, Ilo-ilo, Pampanga, South Cotabato, Davao, Cebu, Kalinga, Baguio, Bontoc, Siquijor. Each episode will showcase the rich and colorful heritage and culture of each province to invite Filipinos to embark on a journey.

MMPC President & CEO Takeshi Hara said, “We encourage Filipinos to pack their bags, fuel up their Mitsubishi vehicles, and embark on their own TARALETS PINAS adventure. We can’t wait to see the amazing places you’ll visit and the incredible experiences you’ll create with Mitsubishi Motors.”

Join the TARALETS PINAS movement and experience the joy of adventure with Mitsubishi! Visit your nearest Mitsubishi dealership today, follow Mitsubishi Motors Philippines’ official social media accounts for updates and exclusive offers. For more information on TARALETS contents, visit Share your own Filipino joyrides. Let’s make life better, together, one adventure at a time.

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