Chery Holds QPower Launch Conference  

Chery recently held the Q Power launch conference and introduced technological innovations and green energy to the automotive media in the Philippines. The conference aims to encourage more Filipinos to embrace energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and economically efficient travel.  

Present in the event were Mrs. Elaine, Brand Director of Chery Business Department; Suliang, Product Line Director; Mr. Young, General Manager of Philippines; YuJian, Chief Designer, representatives from four automotive media outlets, and guests from United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI). 

Climate change has accelerated the global energy transition. As an automobile industry with many production processes and a long industrial chain, carbon reduction and emission reduction face severe challenges. At the conference, the Brand Director of the Chery Business Department stated that Chery has consistently considered “green, technology, family, and companionship” as a crucial brand concept and continuously explores sustainable development technology routes and formulates carbon reduction plans for the entire industry chain. The QPower brand achieves lower production energy consumption, showcasing Chery’s vision of building a green ecosystem for the future.

Chery has been the top exporter of Chinese passenger cars for 20 years. Chery’s presence has reached more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. With its long-term advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection and integrated technological capabilities, Chery has mastered leading new energy technologies globally, committing to providing families around the world with more diversified, comfortable, and sustainable travel solutions and a worry-free, environmentally friendly driving experience. Suliang, Product Line Director of Chery introduced the QPower, which represents Chery’s 4.0 era comprehensive power architecture which covers mainstream energy sources such as ICE, PHEV, and BEV, With the QPower powertrain architecture, Chery’s various vehicle models are set to experience substantial performance improvements, providing a more efficient, green, and intelligent driving force for more users.

In this latest technological innovation of Chery technology, the powertrain under the QPower architecture, including engines and transmissions, features high performance, low fuel consumption, and low emissions. The PHEV’s thermal efficiency can reach over 44.5%. 

Mr. Young said that amid the trend of electrification, intelligence, and decarbonization, the global new energy vehicle market has shown exponential growth. The sales of new energy passenger cars worldwide from 2020 to 2022 were at 2.86 million, 6.34 million, and 10.31 million units, with market penetration rates of 5%, 9%, and 14%, respectively. According to the latest forecasts by market research institutions, global new energy vehicle sales are expected to exceed 15 million units in 2023 and approach 20 million units by 2024, with a market share of 24.2%.

Chery, relying on its technological foundation and driven by innovation, accelerates the implementation of new energy technologies and fully invests in the R&D and production of new energy products. Its new energy products cover various fields, such as MHEV, PHEV, and BEV, meeting users’ demands for green travel.

At the launch conference, YuJian, Chief Designer of Chery, introduced the design aesthetics of the eQ7: The eQ7 revolves around the “Digital Superbody” design language, seamlessly integrating technology and aesthetics to showcase a pure and distinctive natural aesthetic. The eQ7 design team achieved the 0.618 golden body ratio. The front face of the eQ7 is sharp, featuring a pure integrated design that focuses on the visual center of gravity. The clean and flowing body lines perfectly complement each other, creating a clear sense of hierarchy that is simple yet sophisticated. Design elements such as the black suspended roof design, sharp door lines, and large-size aerodynamic, low-resistance wheels collectively create a strong visual impact, while the low-resistance wheels contribute to reducing aerodynamic drag. The eQ7 is equipped with a suspended 24.6-inch dual-screen design, a dual-tone interior, and a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel. Combined with the smooth and simple central control and armrest area, the overall appearance is fashionable and novel, enhancing the overall premium feel of the vehicle.

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