Redefining Comfort: All-New JAECOO J8 is Luxury meets Off-Road

Focusing on users’ ultimate pursuit of off-road smart technology, and luxurious comfort, JAECOO’s product lineup continues to evolve. At the Geneva International Motor Show in Doha, Qatar, last October, the unveiling of JAECOO’s second luxury off-road SUV, the J8, immediately became the center of attention, drawing high interest from global users.

As JAECOO deepens its market layout, the J8 is set to make its debut in the global market. So, what kind of product charm does the J8 hold that has global users so eagerly awaiting its arrival?

Vectorial Four-Wheel Drive, Making Off-Roading Boundless

As the pinnacle of JAECOO’s proprietary technology system, the J8 perfectly integrates passionate off-roading with luxury intelligence, comfort, and safety. It is the epitome of JAECOO’s value proposition, “From Classic, Beyond Classic.”

The All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) is the key to unlocking a new world of off-roading with the J8. Under the ARDIS, the J8 boasts a unique vectorial four-wheel drive control system in its class, capable of real-time rear-wheel torque distribution from 0 to 100% and dynamic adjustment according to road conditions. This enhances vehicle stability, safety, and comfort while significantly boosting off-road capabilities and extrication ability.

Moreover, the J8 is equipped with seven driving modes. Through deep synergy with the four-wheel-drive system, intelligent wire-controlled braking system, electronic steering system, engine, and transmission, the vehicle is empowered to effortlessly tackle city commutes and traverse special terrains such as sand, mud, and snowfields. With scenario-based technical logic, it perfectly meets most of the users’ travel needs, unleashing the joy of off-roading.

Of course, the J8’s powerful engine setup provides ample support for its prowess. The entire series comes standard with a 2.0TGDI engine, capable of unleashing a maximum power of 183kW and a peak torque of 385N•m, surpassing luxury models in its class. Paired with a Getrag 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission, it ensures quicker responses and smoother shifts.

Craftsmanship and Luxury, Taking Comfort to the Extreme

In the J8’s philosophy, passionate off-roading and luxurious style are not contradictory but are pursued to the utmost.

The J8’s ultimate spaciousness is the foundation of its extreme comfort. With dimensions of 4820×1930×1710mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, it provides ample space for every passenger, while a 717L trunk capacity offers sufficient storage for off-road adventures, perfectly accommodating both daily life and distant travels.

Worth mentioning is the J8’s interior, where King Size private sofa seats are extensively covered with NAPPA leather, allowing almost every passenger to find the most comfortable seating position. The pure black matte suede roof not only feels delicate and comfortable but also improves sound absorption, effectively creating a quiet and comfortable space, and crafting an unprecedented luxury experience. The TOM process imitation wood, with its natural wood visual texture and uniform quality, showcases extraordinary style.

In terms of cabin atmosphere, the J8 stands out in its class. With a three-dimensional soft intelligent air conditioning system, a 24.6-inch ultra-smooth integrated curved screen, SONY 14-speaker surround sound system, and 255-color light waterfall-style rhythm atmosphere lighting, it provides a multi-sensory, all-around comfortable experience for all passengers.

The application of CDC magnetic levitation suspension has significantly enhanced the riding comfort of the J8. Through the precise control of the electromagnetic valve’s opening and closing, the CDC offers millisecond-level adjustment responsiveness. It can timely achieve adaptive adjustment of the suspension’s damping softness and hardness, smoothing out bumps in the road ahead and maximizing comfort.

Intelligent Safety, Elevating Luxury

In the eyes of the J8, safety is the utmost luxury. While allowing users to enjoy the pleasures of off-roading and a luxurious experience, the J8 places a higher emphasis on the creation of ultimate safety.

Adhering to the global highest 5-Star safety standards, the J8’s body structure employs an innovative caged energy-absorbing safety design, ensuring effective energy absorption in the event of a collision. The use of high-strength steel accounts for 85% of the body, significantly enhancing the overall rigidity of the vehicle. A meticulously arranged 360° encompassing 10 airbags throughout the vehicle, with the unique “far-end safety airbag” between the driver and passenger, can be described as a “moving fortress of safety.”

The application of 540° transparent chassis technology greatly improves the driving safety of the J8. The 360° surround view and 180° chassis view combine to form a 540° ultra-wide-angle view, thoroughly addressing the challenge of blind spots for the driver and proactively enhancing the user’s driving safety. The AR-HUD, projecting real-time road information ahead of the vehicle, ensures that the driver’s eyes remain on the road, safely navigating every moment.

Supported by the core product strengths of the ARDIS All Road Drive Intelligent System, an exceptional power combination, luxurious configurations, and global 5-Star safety, the J8 forges ahead into the fortress of the luxury off-road SUV market. With its superior innovative capabilities, it continues to elevate the brand. As JAECOO accelerates its global layout, the J8, as a strategic product, is set to anchor JAECOO’s value proposition once more, reshaping the traditional off-road market’s product ecosystem.

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