Honda Philippines Celebrates 8-Millionth Unit of Motorcycle Production Milestone

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) celebrates another milestone as it marks the production of its 8 millionth motorcycle unit. This achievement was celebrated during the 8 Millionth Production Ceremony held recently at the HPI Plant Gym. As the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the country, Honda’s 8-million-unit production milestone underscores its commitment to providing high quality, reliable and environment friendly motorcycles that have become a cornerstone of Filipino transportation. The company’s motorcycles cater to various needs, including commuting, solo use and leisure for those seeking a user-friendly automatic riding experience.

The breakdown of HPI’s 8 million units produced further illustrates the company’s impact on Filipino mobility. Cub motorcycles account for 49% (3,921,083 units), serving as reliable and fuel-efficient transportation options that have become a key player of Filipino mobility. Business motorcycles make up 34% (2,694,170 units), catering to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs, thus promoting economic growth. Sports motorcycles represent 3% (222,747 units), appealing to adventure seeking Filipino riders. AT (automatic) motorcycles which is currently the main driver & trend of the market contribute 15% (1,162,000 units), offering a user-friendly and convenient riding experience.

Honda Click 125

HPI’s 20-hectare plant in Batangas employs processes that prioritize safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly technology, serving both people and the community. The company’s roots trace back to 1964 when Mariwasa-Distribution, Inc. was established, eventually leading to the formation of Mariwasa-Honda Inc. in 1973, and later to Honda Philippines, Inc, in 1983.

Despite challenges faced in recent years especially the Covid-19 pandemic impact, HPI remained resilient and capitalized on opportunities for growth, particularly with the increasing demands for better riding and commute experiences among Filipinos. The company consistently achieves its yearly targets and maintains its position as the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the country in terms of market share.

The eight millionth production milestone was a testament to Honda’s success, highlighting its strong business partnerships, stakeholders, and most importantly, its valued and loyal Filipino customers. Honda’s commitment to providing the joy of mobility and comfort to all its customers remains unwavering.

Honda Philippines, Inc. Production Milestones:

May 1973Began production of motorcycle at the first factory in Paranaque
May 198310th Anniversary of HPI Motorcycle Production
May 199320th Anniversary of HPI Motorcycle Production
May 2003 February 200530th Anniversary of HPI Motorcycle Production  Cumulative production reached 1 million units
April 2006Transferred to a new factory in Batangas
April 2008Cumulative production reached 2 million units
February 2011Cumulative production reached 3 million units
May 201340th Anniversary of HPI Motorcycle Production
January 2014Cumulative production reached 4 million units
September 2016Cumulative production reached 5 million units
January 2019Cumulative production reached 6 million units
August 2022Cumulative production reached 7 million units
May 202350th Anniversary of HPI Motorcycle Production
April 2024Cumulative production reached 8 million units

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