Ultimate Adventure Bike: Tech-filled BMW R 1300 GS debuts

BMW Motorrad, the trailblazing pioneer of touring enduros, has unveiled the eagerly anticipated BMW R 1300 GS, taking the “GS” lineage to the next level with a host of innovative features. This iconic motorcycle boasts an entirely new design, an ultra-compact boxer engine, a sophisticated suspension system, and a significant weight reduction, promising enthusiasts the ultimate riding experience.

At the heart of the new R 1300 GS is a legendary two-cylinder boxer engine that has undergone a remarkable transformation. This innovative design includes a bottom-mounted gearbox and a new camshaft drive arrangement, resulting in an astonishing weight-saving of 12 kg compared to its predecessor. 

From its 1,300 cc displacement, it delivers an impressive output of 107 kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm and a peak torque of 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm, making it the most powerful BMW boxer engine in production history. With exemplary fuel consumption, emission levels, running smoothness, and refinement, this engine promises a thrilling ride across the entire speed range.

The new R 1300 GS introduces a revamped suspension system that enhances both precision and stability. A sheet metal shell main frame made of steel, with higher stiffness than its predecessor, anchors the center. 

Meanwhile, the rear frame has been upgraded to a die-cast aluminum construction. The addition of the new EVO Telelever front wheel guide with a flex element and a revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide further improves steering precision and ride stability.

For riders seeking the utmost in comfort, the R 1300 GS offers Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) as optional equipment ex-works. This innovative feature dynamically adjusts damping and spring rates, ensuring optimal performance on various terrains and riding conditions. Load compensation is an added advantage, making solo or duo riding, or even carrying bulky luggage, a seamless experience.

Exclusively available with DSA, the new adaptive vehicle height control automatically adjusts the vehicle’s height based on operating conditions, prioritizing comfort without compromising on riding dynamics. Additionally, riders seeking off-road adventures can opt for a sportier ride with the athletically firm sports suspension, boasting 20 mm more spring travel at the front and rear.

The R 1300 GS now comes with four standard riding modes, offering greater adaptability to rider preferences and varying road conditions. Alongside the familiar “Rain” and “Road” modes, the “Eco” mode maximizes fuel efficiency, while the all-new “Enduro” mode provides an optimized setup for off-road enthusiasts, enhancing the adventure experience.

BMW Motorrad continues to lead the way in motorcycle safety. The new R 1300 GS features state-of-the-art lighting with matrix LED headlamps as standard, providing unparalleled clarity on the road. LED turn indicators integrated into the hand protectors add to the motorcycle’s safety features. An optional “Headlight Pro” feature allows the headlamp to adjust its beam according to the banking position, ensuring optimal illumination while cornering.

The R 1300 GS offers a new Riding Assistant option, which includes Active Cruise Control (ACC), Front Collision Warning (FCW), and Lane Change Warning (LCW). ACC allows riders to set the desired riding speed and distance from the vehicle in front. FCW with brake intervention and LCW enhance safety by preventing collisions and facilitating safe lane changes, respectively.

The new R 1300 GS presents a range of visually striking models to cater to diverse tastes. The basic variant features a clean and muscular design, embodying the essence of the GS legend. The Triple Black model exudes masculinity and exclusivity with its dark aesthetic. GS Trophy, with its racing-inspired appearance, offers the highest level of performance and sporty off-road capabilities. Lastly, the Option 719 Tramuntana variant combines cross-spoke wheels in gold with a sophisticated paint finish in Aurelius Green metallic, exemplifying technical sophistication.

The new BMW R 1300 GS represents a remarkable leap in motorcycle engineering, combining power, precision, and innovation like never before. With a host of advanced features and design elements, it solidifies BMW Motorrad’s position at the forefront of the motorcycling world. From its powerful boxer engine to its cutting-edge suspension and safety technology, the R 1300 GS sets a new benchmark for touring enduros.

The new R 1300 GS offers a wide range of customization options to cater to individual preferences. With an expanded range of standard equipment and a comprehensive lineup of optional accessories, riders can tailor their R 1300 GS to their specific needs.

For riders seeking the pinnacle of touring and off-road expertise, the R 1300 GS stands ready to provide the ultimate riding experience. Whether navigating city streets or tackling rugged trails, this motorcycle is engineered to excel in every scenario.

The new BMW R 1300 GS is set to revolutionize the adventure touring segment, reaffirming BMW Motorrad’s legacy as an industry leader in innovation and performance. Stay tuned for more updates and availability announcements as this groundbreaking motorcycle hits the market, promising an unparalleled riding experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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