Exploring the Road for The First Time with CB150X: Some Tips for a Memorable Adventure 

The Philippines possesses a beauty that just begs to be explored. And riding a motorcycle while exploring the wonders of the country gives the ultimate sense of freedom.

Before undertaking such an endeavor, it’s important to plan your trip carefully. To this end, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country offers these tips to ensure your first On-Road adventure is not just memorable but will become the first of many. 

Remember GOT TO BE SAFE – One of the first things a rider should do before going on an adventure is to make sure your motorcycle is in excellent condition. This is where the acronym GOT TO BE SAFE comes in. This refers to a motorcycle’s General Appearance, Oil, Tires, Tension of Chain, Operations of Controls, Brakes, Engine, Side Mirrors, Alignment of Steering, Fuel, and Electricals. 

More importantly, this acronym is designed to help remind motorcyclists as to the components you need to check before riding your bike, whether on your first – or thirty-first – on-road adventure. 

Wear the proper riding safety gear – Another important aspect of riding is to wear the proper riding gear. While wearing a certified helmet is a given, you should also consider other safety gear when going on an On-Road adventure. This is to help prevent or at least mitigate any physical injury. Examples of safety riding gear include gloves, protective boots, a riding jacket, and safety pads for your knees and elbows. 

Check the weather and your route – Proper planning is another important aspect that can make or break your On-Road adventure. Make sure the weather is good before hitting the road to ensure a safe ride. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stick to established routes when going on your first adventure. An established route can offer things like pit and emergency stops for unforeseen issues. Don’t worry; as you gain more riding experience, you can certainly explore less beaten paths. 

Be prepared for emergencies – Being prepared for anything while on the road is also another important element that can make your first On-Road adventure is a memorable experience. Essential to this is bringing along emergency equipment such as a first aid kit, a flashlight, some tools, and extra cash. 

CB150X: Perfect for On-Road adventures. Of course, you can’t have an On-Road adventure without the proper motorcycle, and the CB150X (SRP: Php173,900.00) specifically features an adventure bike design highlighted by the familiar upright seating position, High Windscreen to minimize wind drag, Tapered Handlebar for better grip and handling, stylish Cockpit Design, Duck Fender, and Adventure Style Under Cowl protection. This design gives you a more comfortable ride over long distances, as well as adequate undercarriage protection against road debris – while providing a head-turning sporty style. Meanwhile, the bike’s All LED Lighting System and Fully Digital Meter Panel ensures outstanding visibility of the road and display your bike’s information, respectively. 

The CB150X also features 149cc, 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, DOH Liquid-Cooled, PGMI-FI engine with 11.5kW of max power @9,000rpm and 13.8Nm of max torque. Likewise, its Showa-designed Inverted Front Suspension and full disc braking system provides maximum handling control and stopping power. These engineered elements when combined with its 12-Liter fuel tank and fuel efficiency rating of 38.0 Km/L based on Extra Urban Driving Cycle (EUDC) test method, you get a bike that gives you outstanding performance for longer rides. 

There’s nothing quite like going on an On-Road adventure especially in and around our truly spectacular country. If you’re a first timer, this undertaking can certainly be daunting. However, if you have these tips in mind, and the CB150X, every journey is like an opportunity to explore the world around you. 

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