Peugeot to offer free inspection, car wash

With the recent volcanic activity of Taal Volcano resulting in extreme ashfall covering most of Metro Manila and the Southern Part of Luzon, Peugeot Philippines is offering free inspection and car wash to all their clients. The inspection will specifically cover the AC and engine systems together with some external vehicle operational functions, ie. wiper blades, tires, brakes, etc. And as an additional service to Peugeot owners, Peugeot Philippines will also provide free car wash after the inspection. 

Protecting cars and upholding the stellar performance of Peugeot vehicles has always been a top priority for Peugeot. Volcanic ash has a high tendency to damage cars from the exterior appearance such as the paint and windshield and the mechanical overall health including but not limited to the engine and AC system as the main concerns. The inspection will also help lessen the chance of any road accidents by improving the quality of the tires, brakes as well as other external and internal issues. 

Peugeot Philippines prioritizes its customers’ safety. This free inspection program is the company’s way of ensuring that the car and the driver are given the care and attention that they deserve. Motion and Emotion come hand in hand with the services of Peugeot Philippines. The free inspection and car wash will start on Monday, January 20, 2020 and will be available at the Peugeot Pasig and Peugeot Alabang dealerships.

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