Mitsu owners unite for 2019 edition of MitsuFest Philippines

HUNDREDS of Mitsubishi owners from various car clubs across the country recently gathered together for the 2019 edition of MitsuFest Philippines at the Acienda Designer Outlet in Silang, Cavite.Celebrating the history of the Japanese carmaker over the years, the fourth year of the MitsuFest Philippines featured around 350 car models, which includes old and new editions of Mitsubishi cars highlighting the zeitgeist of the 90s.

In an interview with WHEELS.PH, Arvin Villaflor of It’s Happening Events, said that the annual gathering of Mitsubishi car enthusiasts is a testament of the unique culture and diversity of car clubs in the Philippines.“Aside from seeing different types of Mitsubishi vehicles that we’ve never seen before, the event is also an avenue for us to really meet different people behind the clubs in the country,” Villaflor said.From the new generation of Mitsubishi vehicles such as the Montero, Xpander, and Mirage, this year’s MitsuFest Philippines also showcased various legendary models of the Japanese carmaker, including the Pajero, L300, Lancer, Eclipse, and Galant.

Some of the car clubs that joined the 2019 edition of MitsuFest were the Mirage G4 Pilipinas, Decal Republic, Montero Sport Club Philippines (MSCP), Notorious Motorsports, Team Galant, Galant 7G Club, Team Mirage Philippines, Eclipse PH, EX Owners Club, and Pajero Club Cavite.But among the car clubs that participated in the event that night, the MSCP was regarded as the Best Mitsu Crew Champion for 2019, while the Mirage G4 Pinas was awarded as the Best Mitsu Crew Runner up.

Additionally, the United Mirage G4 Club took home the Best Car Club Participation recognition. Speaking exclusively to WHEELS.PH, Mher Bauyon of MSCP said that events like MitsuFest fosters a sense of community among different car clubs and its respective members. “This is also a good venue for car enthusiasts where they can share tips and tricks on proper vehicle care among themselves,” Bauyon said. Bauyon added that joining MitsuFest is an opportunity to show how united their group is as a car club.

“While we exhibit our Montero – lovingly-restored old models, concept vehicles and new variants, we were there to have a good time; to enjoy ourselves both as show participants and, simply, as club members, and to promote MSCP,” Bauyon explained.Since its establishment in 2009, the MSCP has racked up a total of 1,130 members across the country and even have chapters in other countries.Meanwhile, Werdna Gison of Team Mirage Philippines said MitsuFest has become an avenue for them to express their passion on cars as well as an opportunity to gather and share ideas with the other car groups.

For Eclipse PH’s Patrick Morada, one of the things that they look forward to since joining MitsuFest in 2017 at the Philippine Arena are the various models of Mitsubishi and how it evolved over the years.Although he did not win any awards, JM Tobias of Tobie’s Backyard Special said that he’s more than happy that his friends at the event got to take home some awards.

“Events like MitsuFest gives people a sense of camaraderie, and some spirit of competition. It’s also provides people a chance to check out the current trends of the car scene today,” Tobias said. Apart from giving freebies like free fuel and discount cards, the MitsuFest Philippines also gave recognition to the best car club display, club participation and club attendance. “It’s one of the most lively MitsuFest in the last four years.

Every year we’ve been getting consistent numbers of around 300 to 400 car displays and 30 to 40 diff clubs. I guess, we are getting somewhere, and we’re doing something right,” Villaflor added

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