Blaupunkt’s easy and effective in-car air cleaning device

With the NCOV 19 on the verge of becoming a global pandemic, the World Health Organization and relative agencies have issued warnings about its ill effects and how to counter it. An air purifying system that has been in the local market for the past few months have emerged as the perfect technology to combat NCOV 19 and other airborne disease which can become a serious problem for people with respiratory problems.

Blaupunkt, a renowned German brand, which is best known for in-car entertainment and dashcam systems, also sells an in-car air purifier. The AirPure AP 1.0 was engineered and designed, in collaboration with German health experts to reduce amount of harmful stuff floating through your car’s cabin via a three-step filtration system.

The cylindrical shaped filter comes with a replacement filter  and  a cable that connects the machine to your car’s USB port/lighter charger. Blaupunkt’s AirPure AP 1.0 is a plug-and-play device, and it can be mounted to your car’s cupholders. Aside from its filters, the AirPure also has an ultraviolet lamp that turns on when the machine is activated. It serves to stop the growth of airborne bacteria, while the filter whirs along to suck in everything else it can. There’s also the option of adding a few drops of an aromatic scent to freshen up your interior.

The AirPure AP 1.0 is a worthy investment than buying a useless car accessory. Here is a product that works to improve the air you breathe. For details. Message Blaupunkt PH at or BlaupunktCarEntertainmentPH or call 0917-5078186.

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