Ferrari PH unveils two new drop-tops

Motostrada Philippines, the official distributor of Ferrari in the country, brings back performance oriented, open-top driving pleasure by unveiling two new convertibles last night – the Ferrari F8 Spider and the Ferrari 812 GTS.

The mid-engine V8

The F8 Spider replaces the 488 Spider in their lineup and features their award-winning V8 in a rear-mid-mounted position. It produces 710 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque, with zero turbo lag giving you the responsiveness you desire in tackling the open road.

Design focused on the airflow around the car, working with aerodynamics to achieve a sleek and modern look. It’s apparent on the S-Duct on the front end, the curved headlights, a larger rear spoiler, and a redesigned engine cover that improves heat dissipation.

Inside, Ferrari has maintained their driver-oriented setup with a few new touches. There’s an aluminum panel on the dash, a slim carbon fiber that divides the top and bottom parts, and an optional 7-inch touchscreen on the passenger side.

The Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer Plus system that was first seen in the F8 Tributo makes its way into the F8 Spider. It’s operational when you’re entering and exiting corners, during low-grip conditions and when you’re in the Race setting of the manettino. Ferrari claims this helps one drive more confidently while taking the F8 Spider to its limits.

The front-engine V12

A front-mounted V12 makes a comeback in the Ferrari 812 GTS. This orientation in a Ferrari production convertible was last seen 50 years ago in their 365 GTS4. It’s basically the Spider version of the 812 Superfast without any compromise on performance, sharing the same engine that produces 789 horsepower and 718 Nm of torque that makes it the most powerful in its class. 

Being a convertible, the Ferrari Styling Centre redesigned the rear of the car in order to accommodate the hard-top. Two buttresses have been placed at the back to make the 812 GTS distinct from the Superfast from the rear angle. The moving panel that stows away the top meant the removal of the scoop by the rear wheel arch, but Ferrari says it was compensated for by an additional flap in the rear diffuser.

Ferrari also made sure there’s no difference in performance in either top-up or top-down configurations by modifying the airflow around the 812 GTS. Apart from the modifications at the rear and rear diffuser, they also utilized small L-flaps on the upper corner of the windscreen to improve aerodynamics and avoid pressure behind the occupants’ heads.

The hard top for both the F8 Spider and 812 GTS can be opened in 14 seconds and at up to 45 kph. Both Ferraris come with Ferrari’s 7-year maintenance program ensuring your prancing horse is at its peak every time you drive it.

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