Daniel Padilla gives money to tricycle driver who rear-ended his 1967 Ford Mustang

Actor Daniel Padilla just showed how to properly deal with a minor vehicular accident.

Various social media posts featuring the actor surfaced online after his muscle car – a 1967 Ford Mustang – was hit from behind by a tricycle in Fairview, Quezon City earlier today.

A series of videos posted on Facebook by a certain Reynaldo Duron showed Padilla checking the back of his vehicle following the minor mishap.

Some of the people who saw the accident said that although Padilla’s vehicle sustained minor dents, the actor kept his cool and calmly talked to the tricycle driver.

Padilla’s vehicle is a replica of “Eleanor,” the infamous car from the 1974 movie Gone in 60 Seconds, which had a remake with Nicholas Cage in 2000 using the same car.

For the uninitiated, a well-kept 1967 Mustang would cost more than a brand new Mustang. If Padilla’s car is a replica of Eleanor, it’ll still cost way more than if it were a regular 67 Mustang. Padilla’s muscle car would probably fetch 5-7 million pesos.

Padilla is a car collector. He reportedly has around 12 cars which are either vintage or rare. According to a source, Padilla rarely use the Eleanor Mustang that got rear-ended by a tricycle driver.

(Editor’s note: Corrected the muscle car’s year model to 1967)

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