BMW presents seven unique R 18 bikes that should tickle your fancy

BMW Motorrad isn’t all about fast and exhilarating motorcycles that get you from point A to point B the quickest. Despite their dream bike status, BMW bikes are highly customizable – and the company presents seven ways to customize a BMW R 18 into outstanding pieces of art on two wheels.

These seven unique BMW R 18 bikes were created in Poland, much like the projects made in Canada, Italy, and Japan.

BMW ZK Motors – BMW R 18 Black Jack

With extensive use of black lacquer and black chrome for that special high-grade look, this bike is aptly named the BMW R18 Black Jack. It was created by BMW ZK Motors in Kielce, Poland. The list of galvanically treated components is long, but the thoroughly black look is further enhanced by a matte black sidepipe-style exhaust system and high-grade milled elements. Even the headlight lens is tinted, while the quilted single seat matches the whole visual noir.

BMW Dobrzanski Team Customs – BMW R 18 Isle of Man

For its creation, BMW Motorrad sales partner Dobrzanski Team Customs in Kraków took inspiration from the Isle of Man, where the Tourist Trophy has been held since 1907 and where Georg “Schorsch” Meier won the Senior TT for BMW in 1939. Of course, it sports the “Isla of Man Green Metallic” paint finish, which was from the BMW M4. It also pays tribute to Georg Meie’s winning BMW RS 255 Kompressor, with the starting number 49 aimed to highlight the connection.

Nine Hills Motorcycles – BMW R 18 Liberty

The BMW R 18 Liberty is a creation Paweł Stachura of Nine Hills Motorcycles in Chełmno. It features handmade body components made from scratch, such as the fuel tank, front and rear mudguards, seat bench, lamp trim with a small LED headlight, and handlebars. The leather seats and side pockets are also handmade, while the three-piece wheels from Rick’s Motorcycles match the lowered body and suspension setup. As the icing to the cake, the R 18 Liberty comes with elaborate airbrush paintwork.

BMW Inchape Wrocêaw – BMW R 18 Roadster

Taking inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s, the BMW R 18 Roadster features clear and straightforward lines, together with a dash of Art Deco, for that unique look. BMW and MINI sales partner Inchcape Wrocêaw in Wroclaw owns this creation. To define its style, the hump seat and front fairing have horizontal slats, while the aerodynamic front fender is adorned with BMW’s signature kidney grille.

BMW Smorawiński – BMW R 18 Roar

BMW Smorawiński in Poznań focused on giving the R 18 a lighter rear section for its custom bike. Details such as the short rear mudguard and the swinging saddle with two coil springs make the bike look lighter than standard. It’s then matched with a short, “silencerless” exhaust system in sidepipe style. Together with wire spokes and chrome brake calipers, the result is a very purist R 18 that’s said to convey a purist feel.

BMW Inchcape Poznań – BMW R 18 Speedy Gonzales

BMW Inchcape in Swadzim looked to Mexico for its custom creation, and names it after the fastest mouse in the country, Speedy Gonzales. Similar to the character’s adventures in the desert, you can imagine this R 18 creation on a cruise amid heat and sand, armed with apehanger and a comfortable single seat. The extraordinary paint finish is executed in a blue-black fashion, with elaborate airbrush technique and filigree lines.

BMW Team Długołęka – BMW R 18 The Great Wave

BMW sales partner Team Długołęka worked with UNIKAT Motorworks to make the BMW R 18 The Great Wave. Inspired by the Great Wave in Kanagawa painting by Hokusia and the Japanese style of bobber-style motorbikes, the bike comes with a patina finish for that age-worn look, done by a renowned Polish artist, Łukasz Elbalenko. The rear end features a ducktail mudguard and the shortened frame rear section with a single seat covered in natural brown leather – all inspired by Japanese bobbers. For that well-balanced look, the bike comes with flat drag bar handlebars with genuine leather grips and personalized emblems on the engine.

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