Rockin’ & rollin’ with Wheels TV Season 5

Starting this end of May, The Philippine Star once again brings you another season of ‘Wheels’ on television – this time on Cignal’s OneNews cable channel. Now on Season 5 – and still gallantly led by the dashing Matteo Guidicelli – we have yet more topics to dissect and new cars to feature.

In our first few episodes you can expect to see some heart-warming stories, such as a feature of what’s up with social entrepreneur Illac Diaz – and how he transformed a run-down Volkswagen Kombi into a ‘Green Vehicle’ that uses materials such as recycled, native wood and woven rattan for its flooring. And although the vehicle still runs on regular fuel, it does have solar panels on its roof, which it uses to harvest energy to power the LEDs installed within the cabin. But most importantly, Illac uses this vehicle to educate people in impoverished communities about the importance of going green – and to show them what a green vehicle might look like. He also uses these visits as an opportunity to teach members of these communities how to build simple, rechargeable lamps – which they may use as light sources in their households that do not have electricity.

And speaking of electricity, we are also excited to bring you news about a local startup company that builds electric motorcycles out of salvaged motorcycle parts! Think: cyborg motorbikes; and meet the passionate moto-geeks behind building them. This is also an invaluable opportunity to listen to the discussion as to why the Philippine government has to start recognizing electric vehicles, and why it is important for them to start creating an official category to allow these vehicles to become street legal.

And since the Philippine summer is coming to an end, we also look forward to bringing you segments that teach you how to properly clean your car, after accumulating all those crumbs and dirt from all your summer road trips.

Moreover, we also bring you smart discussions such as presenting the different options one has when considering to buy a vehicle at a price point that is below Php 600,000, brand new. And once you have decided on the car of your choice, we also provide you with several practical tips on how to be a safer driver in Manila.

But of course we don’t just feature the latest vehicles in the market, but the well-loved classic vehicles as well – such as the iconic Land Rover Disco 1. We talked to owners themselves and asked them what it is about these timeless vehicles that most fascinated them.

And since long hours of driving in the gridlocked streets of Manila can take a toll on your musculo-skeletal fitness, we also prepared you some discussions about the common medical problems associated with prolonged daily driving, and talk about different techniques to address these problems – from stretching and exercise, to muscle-relaxing treatments.

You can expect some great diversity in topics than ever before – and that’s definitely good reason for you guys to stay excited for Season 5. The Phillippine Star’s Wheels will have brand new episodes weekly, starting this May 29, on Cignal’s OneNews Channel.

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